Miracle Work

”Miracle Work: A Down to Earth Guide for Supernatural Ministries" was published by InterVarsity Press in the summer of 2013. With good-humored, seasoned wisdom and eye-opening stories, Miracle Work explains how to develop in God’s supernatural power for healings, deliverances and prophecies and provides deeply practical guidance for how to go about doing them. More than that, it makes us understand why God has set things up in the way he has. We learn not just how to do supernatural ministries, but why we must be supernatural people.

The book includes an appendix with tips for pastors and a study guide that makes it easy for small group investigation.  It is available at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.

"Really, the question isn’t how to get God to do miracles, as if he were a fussy giver, but how to grow in the miracle-working power God makes readily available to us.”

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