Friday, November 8, 2013

San Diego Community Supernatural-ized

Last weekend in San Diego at the Coast Vineyard, Jordan and I had an awesome time with Pastors Jamie and Michelle Wilson. Their peeps were eager to learn and try all that we covered. Jordan taught four sessions which also included some practicum and prayer for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Sunday morning, the two church services were turned into healing ministry times. There were many clear healings, prophetic words, and deliverances throughout the weekend.

One gal who had had breast pain for several months felt all pain leave before her team finished praying for her. Actually, she said as soon as the person praying for her said, "Jesus", the pain left.

There were several joint healings, which in situations like these, are the easiest to immediately recognize (as opposed to, say, ulcers or myeloma). One twenty-something gal said she was almost pain free in her back after having that pain as long as she could remember. Another man who could not raise his arm above his shoulder for months, could raise it high after about 20 minutes of prayer. A man who fractured his foot that week said the pain disappeared so that he could put all his weight on that foot.

Another gentleman approached Jordan Saturday night with a confession, and then he began to cough violently. After a short time of commanding the offending spirit to leave, the man retched a few minutes more and then was free and peaceful. Change is good.

About half of the training attendees came from other churches, some of which do not have a tradition of supernatural ministries. Since we'd never been to this church before, I didn't know who was part of their regular crowd and who were visitors. Though I don't consider myself particularly prophetic, in the big "p" sense, during Friday night worship I saw a young man from the back and felt a nudge from God regarding him. I felt God wanted him to keep pressing in, to know that equipping was coming to him, and that he would be a powerful influencer with it.  I saw an automatic weapon which spoke to me of large scale impact in battle, as opposed to an old fashioned musket that needed to be painstakingly loaded. The nudge didn't go away, so on Saturday afternoon during the prophetic ministry time, I figured I better offer him what I felt the Lord was saying.  Turned out that he was a visitor to the church, a young seminarian who intentionally took off a year of studies because the program he was in didn't include this kind of ministry training, and he had come to this conference intentionally to seek it. The word was a good fit, and I had a chance to pray with him and his wife later. The operational word is "try".

Another couple came to the conference on a last minute invitation. They had never been to the church, and in fact, had been separated for a few months and in a relational standoff. They came to the conference on a sort of date. During the ministry time, one of the pastors came up behind them and prophesied that there was a lot of grief between them and that God was inviting them to come in from the desert. They were moved by the spot on word given through this stranger, and left encouraged that God has help for their marriage.

We hope to return to the area in the next year to do additional training with this beautiful community.