Tuesday, October 22, 2013


"God would rather die than let sin be a big issue between us and Him."

Someone called me up this week and said, "I've decided to seek after greater things. What do you have to tell me?" That opportunity compels me to revisit my standard question: "What's essentially going on here?" I think about this weekly, and have narrowed down my summary to five things. Here's the first:

The nature of God is entirely different than most people think. He's about grace.

A lot of times, the way we talk about God's attitude toward us and sin, is more like, God is so holy that he can't stand to be in our sinful presence, and he feels really slimed by our messiness. So, be afraid and careful, and come to Jesus.

Actually, the story is completely different as evidenced by the Jesus Mission. Jesus demonstrated that God loves us in a shocking way. He came to us, wrapped our dirtiness around himself, and then gave us a big hug. If anyone looked at Jesus on the day he died, broken and humiliated, at the very least, they'd have concluded, THAT God is not stuck up or stand-offish. THAT God is not interested in lording it over anybody.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


green in hard place3

I’ve been speaking with a lot of people about fostering a creative life. In fact, in my community we just finished a series talking about 8 requirements for such life:
  1. it's a purposeful life- stay on task 
  2. it takes day in and day out, routines 
  3. develop the capacity to fail 
  4. only you can move yourself - be self-motivated 
  5. a creative community keeps us inspired 
  6. put your heart into it, and get enthusiastic 
  7. rest 
  8. be serious about change 
Here are some of these facets in short video form: