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"[Seng] has a wonderful story, odd to boot with an abundance of dry – ahem, sarcastic – wit, and I’d say this book is the charismatic power book of the decade. Impressive. Best book on miracle working I’ve ever read." -- Dr. Scot McKnight, New Testament scholar and theologian on (full review)

"Miracle Work should be the go-to primer for anyone who seeks to minister in the Spirit. It clearly comes from an experienced yet intelligent, humble yet biblical, level-headed yet open practitioner, and I have not read a finer, nor a more accessible, book on supernatural ministry. Read, if you dare." -- James Choung, author of True Story and Real Life

"Jordan Seng suggests that 'supernatural ministry is the most countercultural thing there is.' Employing the always engaging power of anecdote he describes how he has seen God work supernaturally in countless lives, inviting his readers to discover the same for themselves. The experienced presence of God leads to his transforming power and can render ordinary believers extraordinary as they seek to take part in 'miracle work.'" -- John and Eleanor Mumford, National Directors of the Vineyard UK and Ireland

"Jordan Seng has shared the principles from his book Miracle Work at our Youth With A Mission training schools all over the Pacific and has effectively equipped many of our workers to step out and pray for the sick and move in supernatural power. He doesn't write from a theological ivory tower. His teaching is backed up with practical stories and experiences from the trenches. I know that Jordan and the church he pastors are truly missional, practicing the principles laid out in Miracle Work on the streets and in the neighborhoods where real people live and hurt. Miracle Work will equip you to do the same!" -- Danny Lehmann, director of the College of Christian Ministries, Youth With A Mission, and author of Before You Hit the Wall

"Regarding supernatural or miraculous events, thirty-six years in ministry and studying the history of the church have taught me this: they swell, recede and then are renewed. This pattern has happened in my own life. If you or your church are in a moment where you need some guidance on catching and riding a wave of the Spirit, you will find in Jordan Seng's Miracle Work enthusiastic, but gentle and experienced, guidance." -- Bishop Todd Hunter, The Anglican Church, author of Christianity Beyond Belief

"Jordan Seng's book is extraordinarily helpful because it answers the 'How?' and 'So what?' questions being asked by real people. I've seen nothing else like it. It's for everyone looking for sane, intelligent, practical instruction about the miraculous power of God in the twenty-first century." -- Caleb Maskell, Society of Vineyard Scholars

"When people are suffering, they don't need normal. They need something different. Fortunately, God provides it through you. The great coaching in this book will explain how you can get involved in miracle work and bring God's love to the world." -- Mark Dahle, author of How to Pray For Healing (and what to do if nothing happens)

"Instantly engaging. Miracle Work is down to earth and practical, and full of great stories. Jordan's book has inspired me to seek more of the Holy Spirit's power in our youth ministry and given some very easy ways to apply these concepts." -- Chris Herning, Senior High Pastor, Vineyard Christian Church, Evanston, Illinois

"This is a thoughtful book and and I enjoyed reading some of Seng’s stories... Reading this book makes me excited about what God can and will do for those who risk following him in this type of ministry. This book made me hunger for more of the Spirit’s presence and power in my life." -- James Matichuk in (full review)

"Miracle Work stands out as a unique message on the topic of equipping the church for supernatural ministry. While making use of a highly successful formula of mixing practical teaching and encouragement with powerful personal testimonies of the miraculous, Seng manages to approach the subject of supernatural ministry from an unusual perspective and takes the reader down a different route to seeing God's kingdom arrive with power in personal lives." -- Jonathan Ammon at The Bible Reading Project (full review)

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